F&B Ordering

F&B Order Your Food Here Solution

Fully automated, seamless, end to end solution for all F&B from mobile ordering by customers/waiters to real-time kitchen processing of orders, to generating of bills for cashier.

Increase your business productivity and reduce your manpower and operational costs with this solution.

Mobile Tablet
Food Ordering Menu for Customers

Our automated ordering menu allows customers to view/browse the menu and place their own orders without having to wait for waiters or service staff.

Mobile Tablet
Ordering for Waiter

If you’re not comfortable for your customers to place the order, your waiter/service staff can also utilise this solution to place orders without the hassle of writing down the order & keying into the POS system.

Kitchen Orders & Control Solution

Orders are automatically sent to the kitchen screen. It automatically queue orders and it consolidates the orders for the kitchen staff to prepare the food at one time without the delay of cooking the same dish at a time.

This facilitates the processing of orders and customers do not have to wait too long for their food.

POS Solution

All these orders are automatically integrated and sent to the POS system, and it allows generation of bill for customers to make payment.

Ingredient Inventory Management Solution

One of the biggest business costs in an F&B is ingredient cost and we have built in an inventory solution to help business owners to track usage of ingredients and managing your costs and increasing your profit line.

Analytics Report Solution

All orders & ingredients are automatically synchronise into the analytics system real time, and business owners know real time information of sales, revenue, costs.


To help ease your burden of costs, we will provide you hardware to start your operations immediately.

– Tablets
– Kitchen Control Screen
– POS System (Cash Drawer, Receipt Printer)
– Router

Government Grants

You can tap on various govt grants to bring down your costs even further. We can consult you on applying for these grants.

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